#AgencyLifeRomantics - Celebrating Valentine's Day, the Agency way

Valentine’s Day- whether you want it or not- ends up being a part of everyone’s lives. No one is immune to the 7 days of everything red, roses, romantic and all the perils that come with love. 


And then there are digital marketing agencies who have to be on the front of everything that’s happening around the world. Wonderful for some, distasteful for others, Valentine’s Day is one of those things that slowly dawns upon our screens and leaves a lasting impression for everyone.


So far, we at SocioLoca have always been storytellers. But this Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and on our screens. Read on as we confess our feelings in our own special way.


1. Content Writer



When their CTA’s are hidden behind those heavy formal words, a writer decides to let go of their spellings- committing a writer-sin…  But then again, love is blind.



2. Social Media Executive



They know “What’s happening” but they can’t tell “What’s on their mind.” Overcoming their dilemma, here’s a confession from a Social Media Executive who has tried every single way to increase the reach for their feelings.



3. Illustration Artist



One look- and they know all the elements that make you special, all the colors that are missing in your stories, and what layers of feelings you hide behind. If they could, they would paint and confess their feelings for you. But somehow articulating their love is never an easy job for an Illustration artist.



4. Copywriter



From coming up with all the right words for others to losing words while expressing their own intricate feelings, here’s a confession from a Copywriter.



5. SEO Analyst



They see it, they like it, they want it, and they target it.



6. Digital Marketing Head



They know everyone, see everything, know the ins and out of what’s going in the agency, but how they wish they could be seen the way they see others. Here’s a confession from a Digital Marketing Head.