5 Proven Strategies To Grow Your Website Traffic

Are you trying to grow website traffic for your business? Already gone through countless blogs for tips? There are multiple tactics to increase traffic to your website that may have worked for other sites out there, not necessarily for you.


What businesses don’t have, is a lot of time to experiment. So what do you do? Which techniques should you focus on?


Here we’re listing 5 tips that can help anybody trying to improve their website’s organic traffic.

 1. Long-tail keywords skyrocket the organic traffic

Let’s say you have searched for the aptest keywords and done interlinking throughout your website. But no matter how effective your backlinks are or what sturdy SEO hacks you leverage, keeping your reader’s attention is ultimately what moves the needle.


But why? 


People are looking for instant answers. 


As per Nielsen Norman Group, the average attention span of people scanning through a website is 10-20 seconds. And as per statisticbrain.com, it’s 8 seconds!




But that’s the sour truth. Website viewers are very busy and the only way to keep them hooked to your website is by providing them with what they’re looking for. With voice search getting more and more popular, people often search for a longer phrase to find specific answers on Google. 


Long-tail keywords help you in targeting specific search queries, thereby assisting in conversion. 


While short-tail keywords have more search volume, long-tail keywords are not as difficult to rank as is the former.


Targeting a long tail keyword can help you in not only ranking the keywords relevant to your services but also help your website rank on the first page of a Search Engine!


Better rank means you have more organic traffic and qualitative visitors over the quantitative. Here’s a snippet from Neil Patel that sums it up.


2. Target topics with good search traffic possibility

SEO is every site’s best friend. With consistent on-page optimization, powerful link building, and good website design, you can ensure a long-term and consistent website traffic. But that’s not all that you can do. 


At the end of the day, Relevancy wins. Leveraging optimized keywords and highly searched topics can make your website more relevant and attract regular visitors.

a) Optimize your Keywords 


For an improved number of site visitors, use keywords with a high search volume and low difficulty.


 But why? 


A high search volume suggests that the keyword is highly searched every month as shown by the metrics. On the contrary, a higher difficulty number shows that it’ll be difficult for you to rank the keyword to beat your competitors or to appear on the first page of Google’s Search Results.


Tools like Moz Keywords Explorer lets you analyze your keywords and strategically place them for your content marketing. 


Here is a snippet when we searched for the keyword ‘Branding’.


Strategically searched, placed, and targeted keywords are bound to help your SEO strategies to perform better. 


b) Answer what people want to know


Tools like Answerthepublic lets you source content ideas that will have an organic traffic growth apart from the paid methods that you could be using for your site.


Here’s how the website suggests keywords and content ideas when you type the keyword ‘branding’.


You can also browse through the content of millions of web pages by using tools like Ahref’s Content Explorer to generate ideas that you can incorporate for your website’s content.

c) There’s always some room for improvement

You can always use Ubersuggest or MOZ Keywords generator to generate more keywords and content ideas using just a single keyword.


Here’s what Ubersuggest shows when we use the same keyword ‘Branding’.


We searched for relevant keywords, phrases, and content ideas choosing the location as the USA. Based on your target audience, you can always optimize your site’s content and keyword base.


You’re only further optimizing your website to fit in the user’s search query. Using highly searched search queries along with content on the same are likely to grab the attention of your target audience and help you grow traffic for your website.


Also, you can substantially reduce your site’s Bounce Rate and improve the average time spent by the visitors on your website with these handfuls of evergreen tactics.

3. Let your website be ‘It’.


Retain your readers by resuscitating your content, because Content was and still is King.


Take a deep breath and dive into the arduous task of researching your very own subject. 


Turn webpages after webpages of your competitors’ sites, take 5 most impressive things you found in the treasure box, squeeze out the expertise from your experience, break a sweat in pushing yourself into your Target Audience’s shoes, do strenuous work at seeing, feeling, and understanding their problems and expectations.


Finally, serve them with what they’re looking for, on a polished webpage of your very own website.


Easier said than done, right?


But it works. This is how highly successful sites like Lifehacker pool in almost 3.5 million viewers every single month. Their secret? Bite-sized content that instantly answers it’s viewers’ search queries.


People are looking for solutions and they want it quickly. Optimize your site with relevant keywords and content, answer popular queries, along with an easily navigable website and you’re already there.

And of course,

 Grow Website Traffic with the power of Social Media

We no longer can underestimate the power of Social Media platforms. Today millions are active on some platform or the other which means you have direct access to get in touch with your target audience, study trends, plan your services, and much more.


Let’s look at the stats. In 2019, almost 77.6% of small businesses were said to have depended on Social Media Platforms to generate work, out of which Facebook was the go-to place for many. Also, about 90% of marketers were able to increase their business exposure via Social Media.


75% of marketers increased traffic with the power of Social Media.


Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are blooming with a massive number of businesses using them on a daily basis to draw more traffic to their websites. 


The number of Social Media users is growing rapidly, giving more scope for businesses to generate more visitors to their online presence. At SocioLoca, businesses have been able to increase traffic on their websites by implementing personalized, optimized, and highly effective Social Media marketing strategies to build a magnetic Social Media persona and attracting the right audience. 


Here are some more tips from SocioLoca that’ll help you shoot up your website traffic

    1. Post your content on relevant platforms


People are everywhere. And so you always have a window to push out your content through one of the Social Media channels. Sharing your site’s visibility to places where there are discussions happening is a great way to improve your site visibility.


Best way to go about it? Start blogging! It’s a great way to increase site visitors and also the conversion rates. 


Share your content on platforms like Reddit, LinkedIn, or online forums, Quora and Facebook groups. What’s great about these platforms is that you don’t just have your target group but also industry experts who are ready to help you optimize, improve, and give an insight to the content you’re sharing.

     2. Check Your Competitors

You can learn a lot from your own analytics and the analytics of your competitors. You can use tools like Buzzsumo and Google Analytics to take a look at your competitors’ site and get the stats to plan your next SEO strategy. 


You can also engage online in communities and analyze the way your competitor sites or similar businesses are growing their websites.

     3. Mobile-Friendly Websites

Almost 69% of the average time spent digitally is spent on mobile! This means having a user-friendly website only in a desktop preview isn’t enough, especially in today’s scenario where a cell phone is akin to an extended limb. 


Increasing brand awareness is a must when you’re trying to increase your site’s traffic. Mobile optimization is a crucial step in ensuring that this happens for your brand.


Mobile optimization also plays a vital role in ensuring that your ads or retargeted ads are running successfully. After all, appearing in mobile ad results can increase your brand awareness by almost 46%.


Why more traffic?


Traffic is one of the crucial metrics to see how your marketing tactics are performing. You can also see if your SEO strategy is working out and what aspect of it needs improvement. 


5. Paid Ways to Increase Traffic

Apart from implementing your SEO strategy, there are other paid ways to increase the traffic for your website.

  • Display Ads

Display ads make your website banner ads appear across other websites. Let’s say you provide digital marketing services in Pune, then your ad appears on a website talking about the benefits of digitally branding a company with the help of display ads.

  • Social Media Advertising

You can always advertise your services or showcase your products on a huge number of Social Media platforms. Facebook and Instagram marketplace, business pages on Social Media, or other platforms like YouTube, funnel down a lot of visitors for your website. Getting more traffic to your site through Social Media is effective as well. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all let you run ads and promote your content across people’s feeds and stories.

  • Retargeting

Not all your visitors’ convert the first time they see an advertisement. Retargeting helps your potential customers to make the final purchase or subscribing to your updates. It works like a warm reminder for your viewers when your ads appear on their Social Media feeds and other websites. Retargeted ads appear to those visitors who have already visited your site and are most likely to return again.


That’s all for this post! These tactics can help anyone increase their website traffic. What about you? What tactics have you been working on?